The Geotechnical Research Laboratory (GRL) is dedicated to the pursuit of research excellence in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, as well as related fields such as earth sciences, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, particles and grains research, foundation engineering, marine geotechnics, environmental geotechnics and engineering geology.

GRL is equipped with the following facilities and equipment:

  • triaxial testing
  • shear box testing (small and large boxes)
  • simple shear testing
  • oedometer testing
  • rock sample testing (point load and unconfined compression tests)
  • permeability testing
  • compaction testing
  • constant normal stiffness (cns) testing
  • model or prototype testing
  • atterberg limits
  • grading (particle size distribution)
  • shear wave velocity testing (small strain modulus)
  • pull-out tests on reinforcing straps.