The Sydney Centre in Geomechanics and Mining Materials is delighted to host Sandless, a workshop centred around the theme of fundamental geomechanics. Sandless is a 3 day event in Sydney, NSW, that aims to bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds, including engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and geoscientists. The workshop will be held from 1st to 4th July 2024.

Aims of Sandless

The name “SANDLESS” aptly reflects its unique angle – to act as a workshop by exclusion. Over the past ~30 years, the field of fundamental geomechanics has predominantly centred on sand, often overlooking other essential geomaterials like clays, silts, complex rocks, and their mixtures. In particular, over that time the discipline has been captivated by the possibilities offered by advanced tools, primarily appropriated for the study of sand, such as Micro-CT and DEM. While these tools have propelled us toward a more rational understanding of geomechanics, it is crucial to recognise that our world is constructed from a myriad of geomaterials beyond sand.

We are particularly enthusiastic about fostering the development of innovative physics-based concepts and observations that will infuse the same sense of wonder into the study of sandless materials as we have experienced with sand.


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Submit a piece of art that captures a pattern found around Q Station (e.g. experimental demonstration, photo, movie, sculpture, rock sample). This should be supplemented with a two sentence explanation of the mechanism controlling this pattern. This will be judged by an expert panel on:

  1. Creativity
  2. Pattern-ness
  3. Geomechanical relevance


Most visitors to Australia need to apply in advance for a visa. Please see here for more details. In most cases an eVisitor Visa should be sufficient.

The workshop will be held at Q Station in Sydney. This is a lovely private location near Manly Beach. The venue can be accessed by car or by bus and ferry. We highly recommend the second option. There is a regular shuttle from Manly Wharf.

While July might seem like an unconventional time for a beach-side workshop in the southern hemisphere, the winter here is typically mild, and very pleasant with monthly average temperatures ranging from a comfortable maximum of 17°C to a cozy minimum of 8°C. Take advantage of this delightful climate as you start your day with invigorating early morning swims, with the water temperature hovering around a welcoming 17°C.


Please click here to register (link coming soon). Registration fees cover all lunches and dinners, plus workshop attendance. The rates are:

  • Standard registration – $700
  • Student registration – ??
  • Partner (Dinners only) – ??


Secure your accommodation by booking directly with the venue using this link. Upon registration to the conference, you will receive a booking code to enjoy a 10% discount on your reservation. It’s crucial to note that no specific room allocations have been made for our workshop participants, so we strongly advise booking in a timely manner to guarantee your preferred stay. Whilst we highly recommend staying with the rest of the attendees, there are also many hotels and apartments nearby.


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